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What is it like? Will I like her? Will she like me?

Thank goodness for Internet. Really, twenty or even ten years ago people went blindly into this amazing, crazy, unpredictable journey, adoption. Today, I believe I already know more about it from all the sources available on the Internet than most people did a decade ago. And yet, there is so much of the unknown.

I always pictured adoption like this: I walk in this orphanage, look around, and THAT SPECIAL ONE catches my eye and boom! I am in love. The reality is, you get “matched”. Based on the best way you can describe to the social worker of what exactly you are looking for in a child…It makes me terrified…I imagine over and over again this day when we get that very special phone call, to tell us they found a “match”, and then they send an email with a picture and description…

It sounds so awful. I mean, what if?…There’s a million “what ifs” that come to my mind. You always have an option of “refusing” the match and wait for another one, but how could you?? But I have a feeling…the stars and the planets will line up just the right way for that special day. For that first time we get to see that picture.

I know they will.