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When it rains it pours (happy rain :)


so much can happen in just 24 hours…if you just put your mind to it. After having an initial breakdown last night about the enormous amount of paperwork and the level of invasion of privacy that happens during the homestudy (I am getting over that one, I understand why it’s necessary), this morning I got a few phone calls with some pretty exciting offers for fundraisers for us!!!

I cannot wait to share them with everyone, but for now, have to confirm days and times and will post them soon.

Much love to everyone, and please feel free to comment, suggest ideas and share thoughts and experiences on adoption and kids in general 🙂

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What is it like? Will I like her? Will she like me?

Thank goodness for Internet. Really, twenty or even ten years ago people went blindly into this amazing, crazy, unpredictable journey, adoption. Today, I believe I already know more about it from all the sources available on the Internet than most people did a decade ago. And yet, there is so much of the unknown.

I always pictured adoption like this: I walk in this orphanage, look around, and THAT SPECIAL ONE catches my eye and boom! I am in love. The reality is, you get “matched”. Based on the best way you can describe to the social worker of what exactly you are looking for in a child…It makes me terrified…I imagine over and over again this day when we get that very special phone call, to tell us they found a “match”, and then they send an email with a picture and description…

It sounds so awful. I mean, what if?…There’s a million “what ifs” that come to my mind. You always have an option of “refusing” the match and wait for another one, but how could you?? But I have a feeling…the stars and the planets will line up just the right way for that special day. For that first time we get to see that picture.

I know they will.